Discover the joys of the flute

Learn to play this popular orchestral instrument.

I usually take students from around the age of eight, when they are
physically able to hold the flute correctly and will find it easier to
learn breath control. I teach beginners the principles of correct
posture, tonguing, tuning and breath control, and use a variety of
musical styles to stimulate interest.  


No musical experience is necessary, only time for regular practice. You will need to provide your own instrument.  Adults are very welcome!

Duets and accompaniment

As well as having the opportunity to play flute duets in lessons, students will have regular practice in performing with my piano accompaniment. This adds a new dimension to their musical skills, benefits them in general performance and boosts their confidence when they take exams or perform publicly.

I accompany all my students on exam day, which provides continuity from their lessons and enhances their exam experience.

Playing the transverse flute