Lesson information


COVID-19 update

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions imposed in January, I am unable to teach at the moment, but still welcome any new enquiries.   
I look forward to resuming lessons as soon as the situation improves.

Levels, times, location and cost

I teach all levels from complete beginner to Grade 8, and all ages.

Lessons are available both daytime and evenings Monday-Saturday and are usually held on a weekly basis. They range in length from 30 minutes for younger beginners, to 45 minutes or an hour for older or more advanced students.  Lessons continue during school holidays if you wish.


Most students choose to come to me, but I can offer arrangements for home tuition, depending on your location and chosen time slot.


I offer a free initial 30 minute consultation/lesson.


Please contact me for availability, current fees and terms and conditions.

Young learners

I relate well to younger learners.  I have a patient, carefully structured approach, which encourages musicality, good note reading skills and a relaxed technique.   I believe that parental involvement is very important, especially with young children. You are welcome to sit in on lessons, communicate any ideas or concerns, and discuss ideas for home practice plans that gently encourage your child to progress.  Your involvement will play a huge part in their success, regardless of your musical experience.

Playing Piano

Adult learners

Many adults regret either not having had the opportunity to learn an instrument when younger, or discontinuing their studies for one reason or another. Now is your chance to try a new skill or give it another go. It's never too late! You are most welcome to meet me for a free initial lesson.


I enjoy and am very experienced teaching adults. I understand the psychology of learning, and the pressure you may feel being in a one to one teaching situation. I will keep it relaxed and ensure that you progress at your own pace.

Practical exams

For those choosing to take exams, the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) holds termly sessions at public centres. These are open to all ages and levels from Initial Grade to Grade 8. Exams are optional, but can provide a real goal and impetus for structured practice, and the satisfaction of well-earned achievement. I'm proud to say my students enjoy their exam experience and gain consistently high marks.